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Why Dark Souls is So Addicting
Basically, because it's fun.
The Secret Ingredient for a Quality Roleplaying Game
In an industry that likes to advertise itself as pro-"player choice", sometimes restrictions are a powerful tool.
Game Development Standards Need to Change | Starfield Delay
Game delayed, consumer afraid, SEO made.
Some Thoughts on the GPU Market
The GPU used drain wallet! Super Effective!
Why is OSRS Still the Best MMO in Gaming?
This silly little game is still the best there is.
I Want Intel’s ARC GPUs to Succeed, But my Hopes Aren’t High
And not just because I want a cheap GPU upgrade…
It’s Hard to Hate Riot Games | Star Guardian Taliyah Sessions
If only I could say the same for League.
Dead by Daylight Has Serious Competition Now
BHVR may no longer be their own worst enemy.
How to Make a Boring Game | Transparency
Like reading a book about every scene in a movie instead of just watching the movie.
Escape From Tarkov | How to Hide the Grind
Its pretty fun until it isn't.
My Favorite Games of 2021
Before moving onto the next year, we gotta look back at the stuff that defined the high points of gaming in 2021. You know the drill with these "best games of 2021" articles, so I'll keep this one short. Inscryption Image via Daniel Mullens Games I dunno if I'm harping on this game too much, …