Outlast has made an invariable impression on my horror taste buds, and I’m well and truly addicted to the gameplay loop it offers. I haven’t bothered to touch the second game, but I DID recently pick up The Outlast Trials on Steam with a friend of mine. In short, the game is worth buying. Try it out.

Aside from satisfying the itch I have for the surprisingly fun Paranoia Place, The Outlast Trials has been a solid experience that provides intriguing and rewarding progression. A strength that is coupled, and surpassed, by its ability to pull the Outlast formula from its predecessors and lather it into a series of short-lived trials that have great replay value and a fun ranking system to boot.

When played alone, I imagine even outlast vets will find the first few hours a horrifying experience, at least. But when paired with a friend or, sides forbid, three, the game quickly becomes a (fun) clown fiesta that pairs teamwork with trying to screw over your partners in crime. If you haven’t heard your friend’s reaction when locking them in a room with a psychotic murderer, then you owe it to yourself to pick up The Outlast Trials.

As far as gameplay goes, you can’t really go wrong with the formula here: Stealth gameplay mixed with inventory management and the apprehension associated with the ne’er-do-wells of the day. Objective hunting ala Dead by Daylight combined with resource hunting is the name of the game, and you’ll be beating a sweat while accomplishing your tasks.

Afterwards, The Outlast Trials offer up engrossing rewards for their players; Rig upgrades to be used in-game, passive upgrades that can be bought with the in-game currency, and aesthetic changes for your cell, which other players can come visit.

Progression aside, all you really want to play this game for is either the horror repetitive aspect of nailing a specific trial with an A rank or to mess around with your friends in a clown fiesta. Either way, you can’t lose (unless you die.)


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