The game is fun. Like, really fun. One of those “just one more” games you’d find yourself staying up a bit too late to play, as did my friend and I on a whim recently. He opted for tanky-er crowd control champs and I played the dumbest things you could possibly think of just for the hell of it. Gwen actually slaps, by the way.

Image via Riot Games

Arena is a 2v2v2v2 game mode, and in its current state doesn’t really have any facets worth complaining about. Its just fun. Really, it is. Can you believe it? League but fun?

No, it isn’t eight people fighting each other all at once, but to play against two other opponents, and then another two, and then another two is a real joy when mixing and matching all of the compositions and, especially, all of the outrageous bonuses allotted to the player.

These bonuses include things like the ability to buy any number of Mythics, large, flat amounts of AP, random item selection at the start of each match, and the list goes on: they’re insane. The new (and sometimes old) items introduced into the game mode are also heaps of fun to mess around with, and I like the amount of effort it seems Riot threw into this whole project. It isn’t just numbers tweaking on a spreadsheet, they introduced a whole new map, mechanics, and items to the game that otherwise wouldn’t have been experienced by the player base, and that, I think, is neeto.

It’s also painfully true that this game mode will probably become less and less fun as people start meta gaming it. I’ve personally only played 5 matches of Arena and, yet, have seen, roughly, 1,000,000 Mundos so far. Not saying I hate Mundo, but yeah. The combos are already starting to show their early staleness.

Not complaining, that’s the nature of the game. But just give it time and it’ll be rough trying out anything novel when facing against the sweats. And that’s about all I have to say about Arena: Fun, fun, fun. And, in time, may or may not have the legs to carry itself under the weight of a meta-gaming emporium. But we’ll see.


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